What amount of bcca is optimal to use daily

What are the benefits of BCAA? What is the optimal amino acid ratio. Scheme of application of the additive and dosage selection.

The benefits of proteins became known in the century before last. It was then that the first protein appeared, which was immediately chosen by millions of athletes. That is why most athletes prefer to buy Modafinil. The origin of the word “protein” itself is also interesting, which in Greek means “first.” The logic of the name is easy to understand. For any person, protein comes first. This is the foundation of our life and all recovery processes.


Protein design

Further studies showed that protein is a complex element consisting of a group of amino acids (twenty in all). One part of this group is capable of being synthesized in the body, and the other is not. The most important for our body are the three amino acids combined into one bcaa complex (valine, leucine and isoleucine). The abbreviation itself stands for branched amino acids.

What is the use?

The supplements described above are recommended to be taken every day. This is easy to explain, because the elements from this “trinity” are unusually useful:

  1. Valine is an amino acid that promotes the rapid recovery of the body. Thanks to its action, muscle tissue is regenerated, microtraumas heal faster, and muscle growth accelerates. In addition, valine must be taken to improve the nitrogen balance and stop catabolic processes.
  2. Leucine is an equally important element of the complex, which reduces blood sugar and promotes the production of growth hormone. If you regularly take the amino acid in the bcaa complex, you can forget about the difficult recovery after training, problems with lack of energy or lethargy in the classroom.
  3. Isoleucine is an amino acid that is involved in the synthesis of hemoglobin. Thanks to its action, sugar levels normalize, endurance increases, and the process of repairing damaged tissues accelerates.

What is the ratio?

Few athletes pay attention to the ratio of the amino acids described above in the bcaa complex. In fact, it is useful to know how many of each of the components are in the composition. For example, the optimal ratio is 2: 1: 1, where 2 is the volume of leucine. But this proportion is far from the only one. In modern bcaa complexes, the ratio can be different – 3: 1: 2, 8: 1: 1 and so on. It remains only to choose which option to take, as well as which amino acid you need to focus on.

When does the body need a supplement?

To achieve the effect of bcaa, you must know at what time and how many grams of the supplement you need to drink. We will analyze this question in more detail:

  1. On the day of training. During the period of active stress, the body most needs bcaa amino acids. This is easy to explain. Classes in the gym start many processes (unfortunately, including negative ones). Due to a lack of protein, the body can begin to break down its own muscles (this is called catabolism). To prevent this, you need to timely fill up the reserves and give the body everything necessary for development and growth.
    Bcaa supplementation is a great way to give a full supply of protein and stop any manifestations of catabolic processes. The best time for admission is before exercising in the gym. In some cases, you can take the supplement right during training. For these purposes, it is better to use bcaa in liquid form. The additive is easily mixed in water and has a pleasant taste. The main thing is to accurately measure the number of grams you need and try not to violate the recommended dosage. We must not forget about the supplement after classes, when the body is completely exhausted and requires urgent compensation of the elements spent. So, it is recommended to drink btsa already in 5-10 minutes after leaving the gym.
  2. On days without classes. It is believed that on ordinary days, taking bts is not necessary at all, because the body does not experience heavy loads, so there is no need to replenish it. But this is not so. As soon as we wake up, catabolic processes are already starting. They must be repaid immediately by drinking the required amount of grams of the supplement. In the morning, you can take from 50 to 100% of the usual portion.



How to determine the dosage?

The most difficult thing for many is to understand how much to take supplements to close reserves and not harm. And here be careful. Each manufacturer has its own dosage. Moreover, it is considered, as a rule, taking into account the mass.

Many trainers are sure that for the average athlete weighing 75-80 kilograms, about 2.5 grams of leucine is needed. If we take the standard ratio of components (2: 1: 1), then this will mean about five grams of bcaa. If your weight is more, then it is advisable to take a larger volume of the complex. For example, an athlete weighing 90 grams can increase the serving to 6-7 grams per day.

Often, professionals go for an even greater increase in dosage. For example, athletes weighing 100 kilograms can drink up to 12-15 grams of BCA per day. They believe that after 80 kilograms it is necessary to count differently – one gram per three kilograms of live weight.

Which form to choose?

Not everyone can decide in what form it is better to take the supplement. There are several options here:

  1. Capsules are the most popular option. The advantage is simplicity, affordability. Amino acids in this form can always be carried and taken as needed. It should be noted and such advantages as a neutral taste, ease of storage and large packaging volumes. As a rule, in one box can be up to 1000 capsules.
  2. Tablets are inherently a well-pressed powder. Here the advantages are the same as in the previous form. They are convenient and easy to drink. There is only one minus – a relatively long dissolution in the stomach and, as a consequence, a less rapid effect.
  3. Powder. Until recently, it was believed that buying a BCA in this form could save a lot of money. It really is. But here it is important to take into account a number of minuses – inconvenience in the reception and dosage, as well as not always a pleasant taste.





One can think endlessly about the benefits of bcaa. This is really a useful and effective complex that every athlete needs. It remains only to consider the dosage, develop your program, determine your diet and go to the goal.

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